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  • Nicole Villeneuve

    Nicole Villeneuve

    Director of Content Strategy @ PlateJoy; Investigator of Literary Recipes; Freelance Aristarch

  • Hanna Mulugeta

    Hanna Mulugeta

    Software Engineering Student @ Flatiron School, with a base knowledge and experience of Application and System Analysis in aviation industry.

  • Chris Rhie

    Chris Rhie

    sustainability planner at @burohappold. bicycle commuter, design enthusiast, recovering civil servant. opinions are my own.

  • Leslie Root

    Leslie Root

    PhD candidate in demography, Russianist.

  • Danny Mullins

    Danny Mullins

  • Clean+Green by SeaYu

    Clean+Green by SeaYu

    CLEAN+GREEN® natural pet stain + odor removers are #ecofriendly and really work! Safe for #cats, #dogs, birds + other #pets, people + the planet!

  • C.E.L.T.


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